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Adoption? In the emotional upheaval of an unplanned pregnancy, adoption is often a choice that is overlooked. We are here to provide information and support for all options, but would you consider adoption if you knew the following? 

  • In most adoptions, you are able to choose the adoptive couple from profiles. You can choose the family you believe is the most appropriate for your baby, down to the adoptive parents' physical appearance, educational, religious, and economic background. You may also determine how much or how little contact you wish to have with your baby moving forward.
  • Adoption is a way to give your child a life of love and support when you are unable to offer it. It is also a way to give yourself a chance to grow and mature out of your current situation. Many mothers who choose adoption go on to complete their education, marry, and have families. Adoption is not shirking responsibility or abandoning your baby; it is a decision that gives a future to both your baby and to you.
  • Some sources estimate there are about two million couples currently waiting to adopt in the United States, which means there are as many as 36 couples waiting for each child who is placed for adoption.
  • If you are in an unplanned pregnancy, you are in a tough situation surrounded by many different emotions and voices telling you to do one thing or another. When looking at the choice between adoption and abortion, it is important to choose the one that protects both the life of your unborn baby and your future emotional and physical health.

At Pregnancy Resources, we are here to answer your questions and to support you through your decision making process and beyond. We provide referrals to legal assistance and to reputable adoption services that can help you complete the process.